The Essential Squeeze - Custom Scent

The Essential Squeeze - Custom Scent


The Essential Squeezes available on our site were selected based on Kaden's very discriminating sense of smell...and Sensory Processing Disorder. Only those that passed the "Yuck" test have been included. His business...his decision!


If you don't see the essential oil scent you or your child loves most on our list, chances are we'll be able to whip up a custom Essential Squeeze for you. Use this Essential Squeeze - Custom option on the Order Form, fill in your request in the Text Box, and complete your order as usual. If we're not able to fulfill your order, we'll be in touch.


Same goes for special colors or textures or other custom options you  have in mind. Kaden loves a creative challenge!


Your Custom Essential Squeeze will be packaged in a food-grade plastic bag to keep it free from dust and dirt and to retain moisture when you're not using it. And a small sample bottle of the custom essential oil you selected will be enclosed so you can refresh your Squeeze when the scent begins to fade.

  • Refund Policy for Custom Orders

    We can guarantee a custom Essential Squeeze consistent in quality to all of our others. What we can't guarantee is that you will be happy with the custom scent you've selected. There is such a wide variety of essential oil products on the market with so much deviation, we simply can't assure you of getting it exactly right. We'll do our best, and we'll be happy to try to source the brand of oil you prefer, but that might not always be possible.

    As a result, we have to implement a No Refund policy for Custom Orders. However, we'll be happy to double your order at no additional charge for each custom Squeeze you order. If you order one, you'll receive two. If you order two, you'll receive four. And we'll pick up the additional shipping and handling charges.

    Thanks for understanding. 

  • Shipping & Handling

    Each Essential Squeeze is packaged separately in a food-grade plastic bag to protect from dust and dirt and to retain moisture. If you choose a scented Squeeze, your bag will contain a small sample bottle with a few drops of essential oil to refresh your Squeeze when the smell begins to fade.

    Shipping and handling is calculated at Check-Out. Orders over $50 ship free in the U.S.

  • All-Natural Ingredients

    Each Essential Squeeze contains only natural ingredients found in your kitchen, plus a few drops of essential oil well diluted with water. Our tests have not found the food coloring used in The Essential Squeeze to stain hands, but we cannot guarantee everyone's skin will respond the same. If you are concerned about the essential oil and/or food coloring ingredients, we suggest you order The Essential Squeeze Unscented, which contains no essential oil or food coloring. Every Essential Squeeze contains Coconut Oil.