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The Essential Squeeze is the Calming Tool You "Knead!"

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The Essential Squeeze is calming tool made by kids, for kids. It’s made of all-natural ingredients, including essential oils. As you squeeze it — which helps you calm down — it releases a great smell. You can select the scent you want -- or no scent at all!

The Essential Squeeze is a doughy type of fidget. It is simple, natural and affordable. There are no plastic parts that can break. It's about the size of a bath bomb, so it's a perfect fit for kid hands. And it comes in a special food-grade plastic bag to keep dirt and dust out and moisture in.

Here's the best part: We even include a little bottle of extra essential oil so you can refresh your Squeeze when the smell starts to fade. I love these tiny bottles!

I created The Essential Squeeze because I have ADHD and Anxiety Disorder. I use calming tools a lot at home and at school. They help me "bring my motor down" and focus on my work. I have tested The Essential Squeeze myself and asked other kids to test it. They all said it provides a satisfying way to reduce stress.

I also have Sensory Processing Disorder, so I'm pretty picky about things like smell. I picked only essential oils I like the smell of for the first batch of Essential Squeezes. But if you have other favorites, email me at Maybe we'll add more scents in the future!

Thank you for visiting our site and taking an interest in The Essential Squeeze. Get in touch if you have any questions!



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